This week, Nikki was joined by guest host and fellow Automation Lady Courtney Fernandez, while interviewing Don Kiolbassa. Don is the author of "The Tao of the Side Hustle" which brings buddhism, martial arts, and business all into one.

We get into Don's experiences in his own side hustles, a great urban legend and its ties into business, and self-respect.

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Co-Hosts are Alicia Gilpin Director of Engineering at Process and Controls Engineering LLC, and Nikki Gonzales Head of Partnerships at Quotebeam

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Donald KiolbassaProfile Photo

Donald Kiolbassa

Attorney/CPA/Author of "The Tao of the Side Hustle"

Donald Hyun Kiolbassa is an Illinois licensed Attorney and CPA with a focus on Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning, and Tax Law. Over the past 16 years as an attorney, Donald has managed over 8,000 Commercial and Residential Real Estate transactions. Prior to becoming an Attorney, Donald worked as a CPA with Big Four Accounting Firm KPMG LLP.

When not practicing law, Donald was a gold medalist for the 2008 United States Wushu Team (Not Olympics). Wushu translates to “Chinese Martial Arts.” After winning gold, he caught the attention of Warner Bros. Games, and is the martial arts motion capture model in some of the biggest action video games in history including Mortal Kombat (Scorpion and Subzero) and Injustice (Batman and Flash). Donald also is the author of the Discover Your Dragon series, which translates Martial Arts principles for character development and strategy.