April 27, 2023

From "Falling" into Automation to Thriving in the Industry with Sami Birch
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This week Ali G and Nikki talk to Sami Birch, the Marketing and Communications Manager at Mission Design & Automation.

Sami speaks on her beginnings into automation as a tech writer (spoiler alert: like most of you she "fell" into it), the importance of building relationships, adaptation in a constantly changing market, and discuss how the pandemic changed the way we communicate with one another.

You can check Sami out on her Linkedin page.

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Co-Hosts are Alicia Gilpin Director of Engineering at Process and Controls Engineering LLC, and Nikki Gonzales Head of Partnerships at Quotebeam

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Music by Samuel Janes

Audio Editing by Laura Marsilio

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Sami BirchProfile Photo

Sami Birch

Marketing Manager @ Mission Design & Automation

Roots stemming up from Hell’s Half Mile, Sami Birch brings a fearless pursuit to her endeavors. As a mom and spouse, she loves with a kind whole-heartedness that creates the best. With family as her foundation, she pursues her professionalism with the same relentless drive. Bringing over a decade of automation experience to the table spanning from documentation for systems with engineering teams to international software and technology deployments, Sami has now centered her focus around Marketing, Community, and Relationships. While successfully nurturing the needs of a 3-going-on-13-year-old, she has continued to position Mission Design & Automation as a globally recognized automation systems integration brand. She shares a passion for leadership development, community integration, and moving the perception of manufacturing jobs towards a desirable future. In her free time she is exploring her world through the relearned art of foraging and snowboarding the slopes with her husband through the long Michigan winters.