This week our Automation Ladies, Nikki and Ali G, speak to Senior Software Engineer at Miso Robotics: Vinita Palaniveloo.

The Automation Ladies and Vinita look at highlighting the need for ground-level skills and the importance of kids being exposed to real-world problems and industry hardware, filling the skill gap between school and industry, and the collective excitement about this new era of manufacturing approaching.

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Co-Hosts are Alicia Gilpin Director of Engineering at Process and Controls Engineering LLC, and Nikki Gonzales Head of Partnerships at Quotebeam

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Audio Editing by Laura Marsilio

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Vinita Palaniveloo


Dr. Vinita Palaniveloo was born and raised in India and later decided to make the world her home. She obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from The University of New South Wales, Sydney. She was part of the AI & Robotics group at the university to research the application of a formal methodology for electronic design automation. Technology and problem-solving make her tick.