In this episode, we catch up with Blue Collar Automation founder Brennen Dugger. We discuss his beginnings, his experience working at a pharma end user, OEM, a plant, and eventually how he came to create his own company.  This was recorded as a LinkedIn live with Brennen on the road so we recommend you catch the replay on LI for the full experience.

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Co-Hosts are Alicia Gilpin Director of Engineering at Process and Controls Engineering LLC, and Nikki Gonzales Head of Partnerships at Quotebeam

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Brennen Dugger

President @ Blue Collar Automation

I started Blue Collar Automation after working for big names in automation like JR Automation, Rockwell Automation and MHS (now Fortna). I went to IUPUI in Indianapolis but soon dropped out because I hated Electrical Engineering, after working with my dad as an electrician for 6 months I met a PLC programmer and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I found an Engineering Technology route that would give me some PLC skills and went back to college where my mentor, Joe Tabas took me under his wing and told me all about the cool jobs you can have in controls. I always had a bug in the back of my head that I wanted to run my own company even at the great jobs I had, once I had the opportunity to represent myself I went for it. We specialize in small custom robotic cells, panel builds, PLC upgrades, support and service work. We only take projects we know we can do and do well and that makes this not feel like work at all